ForBeat is an unique WEB Site who distributes and promotes your music around the online world.

forBeat is really serious about you and your music! and thanks to the staff composed by Musicians, Producers, Djs, Hi Music Tech experts, WEB media Marketing Leaders, Industry Strategist Leaders, forBeat allows you to do what you really need to do: PLAY YOUR MUSIC AND EARN MONEY!

Thanks to the new online promotions strategies, Forbeat  allows the artist to be promoted without the necessity to have a record deal signed .

you just need to register, login and upload your songs, try this for free and if you like us go to our pricing tools to look after our offer.


ForBeat offers technical advice, embrace WEB presence, audio and video promotion, bespoke online marketing strategies, promotion of the recording studio, selling arrangements and exclusive rights free songs


The Staff

Founded by two life friends: Benedetto Domenico and Dionigi Faccenda, both passionate about music since childhood, after several professional experiences in the music business, they decided to publish their music using the Power of the Web.

Today they have decided to offer their experience to the music professionals and sharing the experience on HOW TO MAKE REALLY MONEY WITH MUSIC  via the mechanisms of production, distribution and online music promotion;

forBeat has in staff some of the most professional in the world of Music and WEB such as: Marco Monforte best Italian's Audio Engineers, Alessandra De Robertis Communication and Productions, Germana Carriero best WEB industry marketing;

Furthermore our partnerships are daily growing, take a look at our parter page to see them.


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About Dionigi Faccenda