Caramel Cargo
In life things happen when they should happen, it is about capturing and channeling the energy.
2010 marks the moment where Andrea and Gaia met through a shared and special friend.

Andrea Zucchiatti. Raised on rock, grew up trying to express his deepest feelings through sound. He is a raw guitarist, a sensitive keyboardist, a composer with a passion for electronics and recently musical arrangement.

Gaia Gilardini. An introspective singer-songwriter, grew up playing the violin. She has a deep grounding in musical theory, from time spent at the music academy, and is strongly attracted to the creative process and experimenting with different styles.

And so Caramel Cargo was born. A meeting of craft and emotion, a creative space in which to share thoughts, ideas and notes. A natural evolution that has found its peak in a shared intuition; where one does not feel but senses the other.

This is the first step. We now need a manager. Not a normal one, but a 2.0 one. We are hungry for your advice, your ideas and suggestions, whatever they are, that can help us develop and take Caramel Cargo to the next level.

It is a journey: an adventure on a cargo boat that does not know its destination.

Finally, the song Promises is sang by Eleni Charakleia, a friend and a versatile singer with a style we really like.