Andrea Michele Vincenti
Andrea Michele
Andrea Michele Vincenti was born in Lecce on February 2, 1978, after having had an initial experience of classical studies at the piano as a child and having given birth to musical projects such as NEV (CORE DEVELOPMENT VISIONS-instrumental music from the mood music and rock) 1999, the BlueVision (electronic pop) 2000 and BLACKOUT (music-rock songwriter) 2001, began his career in electronic music, mood, or what is commonly referred to as ambient music. Always attracted by instrumental music, music for movies or commercials, music which is then linked to images, a narrative, the ability to make deep feelings in a few minutes.
The ambient genre is infinite because it is full of sub-genres, a genre that encompasses universal and diverse music often indefinable.
The author is convinced that music is emotion, not regulate, and therefore should not be enclosed in a kind of membership, how emotions should not be treated on study of psychology. His music is far from the technical virtuosity and cold, distant by the exhibition of technical skill of the author, he is convinced that music as an emotion is pure instinct and the instinct is the only way to truly know themselves.