My name is Fabrice Huygens, I’ was born in Brussels in 1974, now I’m leaving in Milan where I came 10 years ago.

As a musical point of view, I’ve been initially influenced by the “new beat “ movement which was in Belgium at a time very strong and famous; afterwards, I got keen into “ House music” in general with his respected branches and tendencies such as : progressive, techno, funky, disco etc..

I use to be a DJ when I was young in Brussels for a couple of years but much more as a hobby!

Recently I started my passion again for house music which has meanwhile undergo some changes as a technical point of view : digital music!!

It’s finished the time of the Vinyl with the famous Technics plate, I’m still missing that stuff but I have to say that the Digital epoch gets me devious and brought me to composed tracks I want to share with you .