Luna di Traverso
Luna di Traverso's story, is a story about friendship.
In a 2008 party, Alfredo Piacentini ( Solo guitar & backing vocals ) and Gabriele Fondi ( Vocals & guitar ) met Gian Marco Toscano ( Bass ).
They couldn't know yet, but that moment, was going to change the way they think about music, the way they play music, and what they used to be.
The proposal to join them in the new band that was going to be born, in which Mauro Testani ( Drums ) was also member, left hesitant the bright bass player. The hesistation was due to his past artistic background, which was quite different from the material composed by the other guys previous band " the Melville"
Although, they decided to take a chance and play at least once all togheter, and it was in that small, basic, practice studio, not far from Rome, that the magic begins.
It didn't take long before the guys built an amazing feeling, realized their huge possibilities, and realized that they just brought to life the band they were going to call Luna di Traverso.

The name of the band comes from a mood. It represent a natural perception of something, a bad mood, but at the same time, something that push you to the rising.
And this is exactly what they want to communicate with their songs, the will to rise in every bad time we have to face in our lives.
This is what the moon represent within, the chance to reverse your sadness, a light in the dark of the night, hopes, and dreams
Those dreams, like Luna di Traverso's dream, that constantly lead you to face new challenges and compose unique songs.

The band, started to work on their own songs since the beginning, that's why, in their constant discovery process of notes and chords, hidden in their instruments, they have found their artistic guideline: melody.
We could categorize Luna di Traverso as a melodic rock band, even though, they are much more than that.
Their music is absorbing, 'cause this is their goal!
In an interview they said: "The music we play, first of all has to be emotional for ourselves, this is the only way we can be sure to transmit our feelings to someone else, and the only way to transmit the messages in our songs to someone else.

Emotion has been their strenght and the spark to keep them so close to each other, while they were working on their first song "il re della decisone"
actually named " nuvole e pensieri".
"Nuvole e pensieri" has become more than a song, it's their first album.
After three years of work, has been released in May 2010, following an accurate and hard selection of songs, with "Nuvole e pensieri" they scored the first goal of a promising career.
After successful live shows ( they've been the opening band to Radici nel Cemento live show, played at Metropoli TV show in Grottaferrata, and in Rome at the Locanda Blues... these are only some, among many events they've played in) and the release of the album on iTunes, they're about to double the bet, with new ideas, and a new album which is gonna be released soon.

FREDGE's Gibson Les Paul studio, GAGGY's Diavoletto and his voice, TESTA's Sonor Force 2001, and TOSKY's Fender Jazz, give a sound to their ideas, turning them into music, Luna di Traverso's music.

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