The Tommy Fiammenghi Band 2
Founded in 2005, the band made its first album entitled "Songs From A Year" the following year, (Primula Records-2006).
In 2008, after several live shows, the band’s line-up radically changes, and the new quartet begins work on its second recording feat "Into The Storm", released in 2012 on the Maxstorm Records label, and celebrates Fiammenghi & Co’s passion for classic '70s and '80s rock.
In 2014 the band’s line-up changes, and the new trio begins work on its third recording feat "Three", released in 2016 on the Maxstorm Records label. The ten tracks of "Three" form a heady cocktail of hard rock, blues, progressive and folk, producing an original mix based on the clear choice to compose songs solely in English.
"Three" will certainly not disappoint fans of great rock ... Classic rock, the real thing, characterized by both haunting melodies and heart-rending solos with one common aim: CLEAN, HEALTHY FUN!

Tommy Fiammenghi: lead vocals, guitars
Alex Tudor Morandi: drums
Gianluca Gualco: bass