08/08/2013 From-Social-to-Sale

From the share purchase. Increasingly, social media conversations trigger dynamics that drive the consumer to buy the good online and offline. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, each with its own peculiarities, are all drivers of sales. And the rule is: use them properly!
To what extent the final purchasing decisions are influenced or even determined by social media? The report From Socia to Salt Visional Critical explores and analyzes these dynamics with a poll of a sample of 6000 users. The results of this study are valuable data to use as a foundation to build an effective strategy for social media marketing:
40% of respondents have purchased an asset after it is shared or suggested on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.
Of all the social networks, Facebook is driving more consumers to buy.
Social media is not only pulling purchases online, but in equal measure drive consumers to buy in-store. This behavior is to compensate for the dreaded showrooming, which is the dynamic that drives consumers to seek out and try the goods in the store, and then buy them on e-commerce platforms.
Pinterest generates for most impulse purchases (29%), while Facebook and Twitter produce purchases of products that the consumer had already weighted (60-70%).
The electronics are in first place among all kinds merchandise purchased as a result the influence of Facebook and Twitter, while on Pinterest prevail food and DIY.
The social shopper are identified mainly in the age range 18-34 and are predominantly women, in contrast to mobile social shopper, that in 69% of cases are male.
The Twitter user is more motivated to buy via smartphoe: 35% of Twitter users bought on your smartphone after a tweet, against 17 and 19% of Facebook and Pinterest.
27% of smartphone social shopper compares the price of the goods in the store with online alternatives.
Buying on Pinterest is more reflective: in only 10% of cases occur within 24 hours following the initial vision of the object on the platform, while on Twitter is in 20% of cases and on Facebook as high as 30%.
The social purchasing is growing mainly on visual social networks like Pinterest, grew last year by 20 to 40%.
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