16/03/2015 Global Release Day

After consultation with artists, musicians, record labels and distribution companies, was today confirmed that on the day of publication for new launches music will be aligned internationally and always planned on Friday.
Currently, on the day of release of new songs or albums, can vary depending on the country of reference generating sometimes frustration for consumers who have access to new releases delayed, compared to those in other territories. Moreover, the new structure will benefit the artists who want to exploit the social channels to promote their new musical ideas. Finally, this shift creates an opportunity to rekindle the enthusiasm and sense of shared internationally waiting for the arrival and release of new music. The new global alignment will reduce by the way, the risk of piracy eliminating the time gap between the various launches in the different nations that still generated a delicate time both locally and internationally.
Distributors and operators will be committed to working with the community of artists and the labels to ensure the success of the operation. Since summer 2015, therefore, the new album and the single will be released at 00:01 (local time) on Friday and all consumers globally, will have to search and wait for new releases on that day, regardless of their geographic location .