17/10/2014 Go in Hit Parade


With the Top of The Music by FIMI / GfK individual this week, for the first time data streaming audio of all active platforms in Italy are supplemented with data from the download, thus reflecting a channel of access to music forever more popular in our country between music consumers.

The data streams audio recorded by GfK Retail and Technology Italy entering so fully into the system for measuring the consumption of music, confirming the explosion of the use by consumers of streaming platforms such as Deezer, Google Play, Juke, Napster , Play.me, Rdio, Spotify, TIMmusic and Xbox Live in our country. The performance of the stream grew in the first half of 2014 by 134% to represent 45% of the digital segment. According to GfK Retail and Technology every week in Italy are more than 16 million streams and free those 4 million premium.

GfK Retail and Technology, which processes the ranking integrating downloading and streaming, so uses, as in all countries where the charts integrate the two segments, a conversion factor of 100 to 1 download stream to make the two compatible models business. All streams, free or paid, are counted as long as they have a longer than 30 seconds. The conversion factor will also be revised on a quarterly basis on the evolution of market-driven record (one of the sectors that drive the digital revolution of contents).