13/12/2012 Italian Music

Italians prefer music in our house even when they are out shopping or at a restaurant

Italian music not only dominates the charts but topped the Italian preferences even when they go to the supermarket or out to dinner. According to data from the Digital Content on Nielsen to FIMI, pop music in our house is the head of the listening preferences of 70% of Italians, 51% against an international pop music and 44% of rock music.

Listening to Italian music, which prevails in consumer preferences, has a crucial role also in use for the entertainment of the public who attended the malls or restaurants. According to the analysis of FIMI, which for the first time has reworked the data on listening to music Observatory with international research on music as a tool to support the business, such as Heartbeats International, it is very important to provide quality music in a commercial context , on pain of expulsion of the consumer. 40% of consumers say they can not give up music for any reason, research has shown that it is essential to avoid simple "background music" that is likely to annoy the contrary, consumers and colleagues. It is however crucial insight into the musical tastes of its customers, accompanied by the sounds they know and also seek their favorite places in their free time.

It 's very important to associate a brand with music, especially in relation to young people. The unknown music or boring and irritating away 43% of the consumers, the wrong music 44%. The music quality is not just to reach out to consumers, Heartbeats International increases productivity in the work environment in 48% of cases, creates a relaxing environment in 56% and improves collaboration between co-workers in 38%.

The results of the study Heartbeats and Observatory are crucial to understanding how attention to the type of music, and in the Italian case as follow consumer tastes, is essential in any business that sees the presence of persons acting in the commercial or catering.

In 2011, 73% of the artists in the sales charts were Italians, and in 2012 the penetration of Italian music is very high, a factor that should be held in high regard by those who, on a professional level, works in sound distribution business and more generally the public performance.

The market for rights to recorded music, in Italy in 2011 had a turnover of almost € 26 million, and is growing in 2012. Nearly half comes from the uses of music in public settings.