25/05/2013 L'App che geolocalizza il tuo-sound

If check-in is your obsession and the sharing of music your passion, now is the time to geo-localize your sound. Are you ready to chase the latest trend in the world of music streaming?
The digital music market in sauce is becoming tempting opportunity for the giants of the web. After the twittering Music Musical Twitter and tight competition between Spotify, Deezer and Rdio, now the news affecting the music streaming are turning to mobile devices, driven by the growing phenomenon of smartphones and the spread of broadband connections.
So forget your MP3 player at home and come to discover the latest platforms music streaming and music discovery native Mobile.
Among all, coming this summer, it is worth noting Soundwave, a new app now in beta test, developed by a start-up Irish, not only will allow you to listen to find out what your friends and let them know your taste, but it will give way to map trends in real-time music around you, following and classifying their friends and colleagues on the basis of musical genres they prefer.
Is he being born a new way to approach the musical trends? And this new trend will probably originates from rampant craze geolocation of his interests. And the music certainly can not dispense with this fashion. Because the pleasure to discover that a few blocks from its position, someone like you is fond of funk or that the neighborhood is inhabited mainly by lovers of 'hard-core, can feed the insatiable desire for participation and sharing of' 2.0 user.
But how can this new trend to revolutionize the marketing strategies music? Just think that a radio station, thanks to this geolocation service, you may understand what are the most popular musical genres in one area and transmit pieces adapted to the taste. Similarly, a band could find out where they focus their fans or what is their song most listened to, not because transmitted by radio, but for freedom of choice for users.
Mapping The Musical Landscape
And again, Soundwave will be much more tool to raise awareness of new bands, thanks to its direct link with YouTube and SoundCloud, two of the most widely used platforms from bands and artists in search of fame and popularity.
Unfortunately, even the most impatient will have to wait until this summer to test the app on the way, in the meantime, putting listings on the site of Soundwave, you can try the Beta version.
The idea of ​​geolocalize music is not, however, entirely new. For several years Soundtracker, a platform for geo-social radio, offers similar functionality Soundwave, with a substantial difference: listening and sharing are focused on web radios so that each user can create from