Bucking the rampant unemployment crisis, companies are digital spearhead of a new entrepreneurship track revenue growth and produce a number of jobs steadily increasing. But what are the new languages ​​of the world of work? Web and lots of creativity ...
They speak new languages ​​and build organizational format of "liquid" and less structured. 2.0 The companies are small to medium in size, made of under 35 highly trained and have very little to do with the traditional models of economic realities that we know well. In summary this is the profile of the made in Italy designed by Digital Assinteldigitale in the first search "Long Wave" on the universe of the new enterprise 2.0.
They are well 230 000 (of which 173 thousand digital native) surveyed businesses that move in web services, mobile, software and chariot date, in consulting, in the new social media, in design, multimedia production, digital entertainment and in finance 2.0. With a combination that acts as a fulcrum in all their activities: innovation and creativity.
Countercurrent to the dark economic forecast of 2013, this new entrepreneurship that records sales growth in 68% of cases and 28% for stable, contributes more than ever to raise the competitiveness of our country. And not just in terms of GDP growth, but also as growth in the number of jobs: in late 2012 digital workers grew by 13.7% compared to the beginning of the crisis in 2009.

If the web is the absolute protagonist of the organization and internal communication of these companies (only 33% use it also to sell online), the characteristic par excellence that unites them is the organizational model "liquid", structured on a single process / committed. For this reason, as pointed out by Maria Grazia Mattei, vice president of Assintel: "do not recognize themselves in the traditional models of representation and suffer from a syndrome of maladjustment to the bureaucratic context."
And here is the identikit of the digital worker is shown by the Assintel: Young male graduate or even with master / doctorate / PhD, with work experience abroad.
We like to think that they belong to this "class" emerging, considered the cutting edge of new entrepreneurship. There you are, too? Come and tell us on Facebook!