06/08/2013 Mei 2013 Faenza

Dear artists and bands,

as always, the Mei is attentive to the training and retraining for all those who live music, and even this year's edition will host two important training and support to emerging artists, both completely free.

The first is the Mei Music Lab, workshop or event on the mornings of Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September will bring established professionals hold meetings focused on various aspects of self and self-promotion music. The meetings will take place from 9:00 in the Yellow Room of the Municipality of Faenza.

Mei will be speakers at the Music Lab, during the meeting on Saturday 28 September, Max mountains Quintorigo (music producer), Giampiero Bigazzi (executive producer), Alberto Quadri (expert in self promoting), Fabio Gallo (expert in promotion), Anna Galletti (SIAE and rights); September 29 will be present instead Camonchia Peter and Luca Esposito Red (web marketing experts), Fabrizio Galassi (creator of the online distribution platform Zimbalam), the lawyer Andrea Marco Ricci (Association without purpose Legal-profit), Marco Notari Dragonfly Music, Giorgio Cypresses (Global Communication), and also in both meetings will be attended by a representative of Deposit Zero Studios in Forlì, young emerging reality in rapid growth.

The Campus Mei will be an opportunity for all who wish to receive emerging opinions and expert advice on your music project. In the afternoons of Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September, under the Voltone of Moline in Faenza, a team of artists and industry professionals will listen to the music of the artists who will undergo judgment.
The Mei invited to participate as judges of the big caliber of Maestro Marco Sabiu, journalists like Cristina Lame, blogger and industry expert Luca D'Ambrosio, experienced operators as Masperone and Fabrizio Luca Galassi and others.

You are all invited to participate, we are waiting!

Sabato 28 e domenica 29 settembre (anteprima il 27 settembre) Mercato della Cultura in Piazza del Popolo e Campus Mei e Music Lab nelle Sale del Consiglio Comunale di Piazza del Popolo in Centro Storico a Faenza!