04/02/2013 Rdio online with Siae

The Italian Society of Authors and Publishers, which represents the repertoire of more than 100,000 between authors, composers and publishers, today announced a licensing agreement with Rdio, the music service on-line created by the founders of Skype.
The agreement covers a pan-European direct and guarantees the protection of the Italian repertoire by the SIAE in all European countries where the service is already active since 2012 - Germany, Britain, Spain and Portugal - and is still growing.
Rdio, initially present in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, offers the public a catalog of over 18 million songs from major and independent record labels by means of a web browser or on the move. Subscribers can access their music, even offline.
The streaming service has two types of monthly subscription, with a retail price of € 4.99 for web access and € 9.99 for unlimited access from any device. Users can access the service by taking advantage of a free trial through the site www.rdio.com.

"This license agreement highlights the growing commitment and convinced of SIAE in support of legal music services," said Manlio Mallia, Deputy Director General of SIAE. "We intend to ensure in every possible way the development of the digital market Italian, which growth is slow but steady, as shown in the collections of artists for multimedia in 2012. We are confident that this trend will be confirmed and strengthened this year and we expect Rdio to make a contribution to growth. "

"This agreement strengthens our aspiration to be the best streaming music provider in Europe. - Said Scott Bagby, Vice President of Strategic & International Partnerships Rdio - We are excited to bring our service into new territories, particularly in Italy, and participate in the growth of the digital music market, giving fans the chance to discover the Italian music and know the news of their favorite artists. "

Rdio is an innovative music service, which aims to reinvent the way in which the public finds out and listen to music and share their musical interests. Allowing on-demand access to over 15 million songs, Rdio connects the audience with music and facilitates access to songs, albums, artists and playlists without advertisements. You can find out in real time what listening to friends, people with similar tastes and artists and communicate via Twitter and Facebook. You can create a collection of music that will be available everywhere, from the web at home or in the car, the tablet and the phone, even offline.