24/09/2013 UK, piratery low

UK, reduced music piracy through legal platforms like Spotify

Music Business Section / Anti-Piracy
Jasper Jackson, the periodical English The Media Briefing, analyzing new data Ofcom on music piracy in the UK that show a reduction of the phenomenon: last year the tracks illegally downloaded in the UK accounted for 26% of all digital music on the web in 2013 fell to 16%, from 301 million to 199 this year. For the music industry, the reduction of piracy has led to an increase in receipts of 0.3%. It's a modest increase, but it is the first increase since 1999.

For Jackson this turnaround is due to a big change: Now the record companies do not devote all their energies more in suing the file-sharing services, they decided to invest in platforms to facilitate access to content. The journalist Media briefing defines "streaming revolution" that has led to positive results especially with digital platforms such as Spotify, which made the music instantly available on any device.