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You can easily publish your music with ForBeat, sign up and easy follow the publication procedure. Please note you can not successfully publish your music, if you fail one of the steps here below described

Before you start you may want to see at the bottom of the FAQ our "refusal codes". This will help you to avoid any mistake.

How much does it costs?


If you want to distribute and sell your songs in the online music stores, forBeat provides you either the distribution services and the support for the online promotion via is unique Web services; the distribution only starts with one song by 5€ only here to discover it..

You are free to upload up to four songs in MP3 format and get them listened to your Fan via our unique social sharing player, enter your YouTube channel and share your mail and web for FREE.


Is it really possible to make money using forBeat?


Yes, of course it depends mainly by the success of your song and by the level of promotion that you decide to do for the song!

forBeat offers technical tools, experience and suggestion in order to increase your sales, but never forget to remember that the artist is you.




There are two phases, one through the sales of your song in the online music store and, equally important, promotion via a bespoke strategic market plan prepared for you by the forBeat staff

yes but ... how much?


Here are some examples to clarify the process:

You invest 8€ to distribute a song (which includes the EAN / ISRC allocated for proper commercial distribution online) and you sell 100 downloads of your song, almost after 90 days you will receive a net of 55€! this is instead 80€ because there are operational costs taken out by the various third party web sites, depending on the portal they can retain up to 30% of your income

In the case of 1,000 downloads ...YOU MADE IT!! At least for a while.....

Attention as we said above, today the online distribution mechanisms are functional, but in order to sell more, you need to be supported by a minimum good web campaign and a precise tactic direction which forBeat can plan, discover how here


Is forBeat eligible to take a percentage?


No, in our standard offer the artist will receive at least 80% of the value of sales, this is correlated by the genre you play, as an example due to the electronic expansions, there are many stores to work with who allows us to pay higher royalties. 

If your genre is more on Pop/Hip-Hop some stores such as itunes retains more.

Warning, the above is part of the policy forBeat, since we are musicians first, we fully understand your needs, consequently we want only your success, if you win we win


When will I be paid?


You receive a report every two months of credit with the fifteenth of the month after, you must have reached a minimum threshold of 10€ of income.


Is the agreement with forBeat an exclusive contract?


No, you sign a non-exclusive agreement with forBeat


Can I publish my own music?


Yes, via forBeat you can upload your songs in Wave format and than we will send in distribution your tracks with no hidden costs

You only need to compose you music and believe in yourself leave the rest to ourself.


Will I be forever "in chain" with forBeat?


No. As mentioned above forBeat offers the possibility of using a non-exclusive agreement and if you receive offers from labels, you can make arrangements with them 

That means you have no "rights" on me as an artist?

That's right, we hold only the distribution rights of the songs in digital format until revoked by you with the cancellation.


What happens if a record company or a Media was interested in buying my songs?


The license of all your songs can be sold to third parties at any time. We hold only the rights for digital distribution of your songs, which can be canceled at any time as your account. This means that all rights of a song can be transferred to a record company and sign a contract with it directly from you, remember you own all your rights!


Where my tracks will be published?


The songs will be published at over 300 online music distributors, such as: iTunes, Amazon Music, Juno Download, Beatport name a few, for a complete list click here

forBeat also gives you the opportunity to choose the most convenient and most suitable for the sale of your music. In fact, not all portals accept ol'R Pop & B, while for electronic music sites like Beatport, there are special rules and procedures as well as a selection of art, so the best thing is to not get caught by an easy enthusiasm groped to get more visibility on those sponsored by the Media. The right strategy is to include also the less famous sites, but rapidly expanding and therefore much more amenable to independent artists.


Why should I trust you?

Because we are like you!! Independent musician!!!

we are musicians, composers and producers ourselves, with the same problems and needs of today's musician

And because in less than 5 months we reached an exciting web positioning by having up do date 180 artists working with forBeat


Will you help me to promote my record?


Yes we will! The standard agreement provides support for the distribution while the promotion, while if you choose our new exciting packages, you receive a business plan with all the suggestion and actions to be taken to be promoted at the best, and mostly succeed in the web land jungle.


What kind of music is accepted by forBeat?


forBeat accepts all kinds of Music in any style.


What is the quality of sound/audio to be accepted in the sotres?


High quality audio is a must!!! our partners and all the online download companies accept to sell only professional audio. This is true for sites focused in electronic-dance music, such as Beatport, as well as for sites that sell R & B, Heavy Metal, Pop and more,

Thanks to his partnerships forBeat is able to audio engineer your tracks at highest level and thanks to sound engineer like Marco Monforte  your music will sound like Top Ten Artists. 


Can I upload a cover or a remix?


You can publish a cover only through a written agreement and consent of their respective rights holders. For covers, or remakes of other compositions, it is mandatory to have a written agreement (contract) in order to publish songs, especially with digital distribution (online).

Can I sell other music on your platform?


NO! And it is YOUR responsibility not to do it. We are only a distribution platform that allows you to sell your songs.  You have to own of the rights of the songs. This includes small parts and steps of other songs like sample.


You will need to issue a written agreement (contract) of their respective rights holders such as Record companies, artists and publishers.


May I upload albums and singles?


Yes, and four tracks can also be composed of a single original track with remixes done by DJs. The LP must contain a maximum of 16 tracks.


Should I upload photos for my CD and profile?


Yes you have to in order to publish your song, Do not  underestimate the look and feel, is a highly critical to obtain the right visibility, the better your cover will have a better chance of getting more success: the image also has on-line, contact us if you need support.


Is forBeat able to protect my copyright?


No, the artist must be independently signed to the SIAE/ASCAP/BMC etc...and then have deposited the songs. If the song is not protected by copyright may be sold and distributed anyway, but in order to prevent someone from taking possession of your ideas. The non-registration does not allow you to get revenues by the streaming of your music like web radio as an example. 


DO I need an EAN?


No! We provide the EAN to you.

If you already have an EAN code, for example because you have your label, you can of course use your own. Beware false EAN codes can lead to incorrect accounts or condition or prevent the liquidation of the account.


DO I need an ISRC?


No! We provide the ISRC to you. If you already have an ISRC code, for example because you have your label, you can of course use it.


Can I still use the codes provided by forBeat?


Yes you can! If for example you're planning a physical sale they can safely use the codes provided by forBeat.


If have any doubt write to:


Good Music to All

Waste codes
Below The waste codes for the insertion and the publication of the songs.
Connections are not permitted Internet advertising of any kind, either on the logo or the cover or label-artist-bio!
Internet addresses are not allowed (such as, etc.) on the cover.
Is generally rejected the insertion of links to the Internet and other types of advertising in the package description, biography or label on the cover to the portals. Please remove them from the text and the cover.
And 'forbidden to include in the cover to download stores like "iTunes", etc.
Are required fields and must be completed with the publisher and Copyrights. The form is always: year and holders of rights or year of publication. If the publisher is not available, enter Copyright Control. "
If the message appears: "The quality of the material in audio Given is too low" means that the audio quality provided is not sufficient, the last sales portal gave us precise information about the audio quality, and a minimum standard of audio quality is absolutely necessary for publication. Otherwise there is a risk that the portals of sale does not publish the songs. Please note that our partners and shops, including all professional and online stores accept only "WAVE" of high quality. If the quality is not at a professional standard of quality, your songs will never be If you do not have sufficient means to make your audio better quality please contact us!
The filing of the music genre or style of your bundle or one of the tracks is wrong. Please check the data!
Do not use "dance / electronic" as a genre!
Please note that "Dance / Electronic" is a generic term for genres such as House, Techno, Minimal, Trance etc.. If you make a bundle still under the genre "Dance / Electronic" verify that the package meets these genres would otherwise never be sold.
The content of your material is breaking the rules of copyright and therefore will not be published Copyrights and sales portals.
For your own versions, also called cover or composition made by others, it is absolutely necessary to have a written agreement with the author and the subsequent consent, directly or indirectly through the SIAE.
Even in slang so-called "mashups", remixes for DJ promotion and official publications can not be sold by the portals.
Take the first step to success: create an account (link forbeat / do-profile-artist) free forBeat

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The steps to publish your songs

1. Artist. - Create an artist (unless you are already in the window of forBeat);
2. Tracks. - Create track
3. Loads of songs to WAVE files with holes: Wave, 16-bit, 44100Hz, Stereo only (WAVE files only if you decide to publish your songs!)
4. Choose your disco package to create your publication.
The disco package is a generic term used to identify an album (CD, Single, EP).
4. Add a cover page for your publication, be careful "see the cover is very important in our FAQ (link forbeat / faq) on the cover, we accept files. Jpeg files of 900 x 900 pixels 
5. Check if all entered data (label, artist, song, packet) are correct. Once confirmed the release, you can not change it.
6. Double check all data before sending the publication portals. This is the last chance you have to do it;